How to Enroll

Health Net continues to update available plans for County of Santa Clara employees. This includes the Select POS health plan option. More updates will come in the months ahead. Please visit the Plan Details page to read about the plan benefits and coverage details that are right for you!

When you enroll in a POS plan, you need to choose a participating physician group (PPG) and then a primary care physician (PCP) within that PPG. Follow the instructions of your employer group. Each family member can choose his or her own PCP and PPG to suit their needs. Also, women may self-refer to an OB/GYN who is part of their chosen medical group.

A POS plan has three levels of benefits. HMO, PPO and out-of-network. Having a PPG and PCP is required. However, you can choose to use your HMO, PPO or out-of-network benefits at your time of service. Please consult your Evidence of Coverage for all details.