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Monthly Wellness Reminders for Members:

The KYH/KYH Theme for September is self-care and gratitude. These times of uncertainty bring can bring a large amount of stress into your life. That's why it's important to take care of your mind, body and spirit. When you practice self-care and find ways to be grateful in any circumstance, you are well on your way to doing just that. Health Net has programs that can help you.

  • Self-care: Health Net offers wellness programs and resources to help you achieve positive, healthy changes. These changes can last a lifetime. Check out our wellness programs online at Health Net. There you'll find:
    • Health coaching
    • Online health promotion programs
    • Health challenges
    • Tobacco cessation programs
    • Healthy recipes and much more
  • Gratitude: Our myStrength program is a private website. Its self-help tools can help you gain – and maintain – mental and physical health. myStrength supports whole-person health and has modules on:
    • Mindfulness
    • Joy
    • Gratitude
    • Relaxation
    • Meditation

myStrength can help you get inspired, find peace and be positive. Visit myStrength to access and sign up for the free online program. Learn more about myStrength (PDF)

As you move from summer through fall and into winter, it's important to keep your mental and physical health in top form. This is even more important as the weather changes and the cold and flu season arrives.

The winter months can be a very stressful time. Family events, parties and holiday shopping can take their toll on your nerves. And, because winter days are shorter, it can be harder to keep active. That's the time to make an exercise plan for cold and rainy days when it's tempting to curl up under the covers.

Prepare for the twists and turns of winter. Beating the Winter Blues: Coughs, Colds and Flu will provide tips to help you stay healthy – even when the weather isn't so nice outside. Learn how to:

  • Beat the holiday blues.
  • Create healthy-eating plans.
  • Start building a winter exercise routine.
  • Find ways to prevent, detect and treat colds and flu.

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